Volume 2, Episode 5 – Nice and No Poop on It f/Carly Monardo

In this week’s episode, we’re delighted to welcome illustrator, designer and former Venture Bros. colorist Carly Monardo! She’s kind enough to talk to us about the creation of Strong Female Characters, the craziest things she had to color for Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer, the sad decline of video stores, her dog, pants in superhero costumes, and much more! Plus, as you may guess, we have an extended Big Ups to All My Haters segment about a small, independent movie Chris went to see last week.

The Rundown

Comics Talked About:

  • Fear Itself #4
  • Thunderbotls #60
  • Flashpoint #3

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24 thoughts on “Volume 2, Episode 5 – Nice and No Poop on It f/Carly Monardo”

  1. Those haters had a legit point. Old farts who were raped by robots have no business writing reviews of Transformers movies.

    This episode was filthy! I love filthy things.

  2. Oh wow, jaw dropped when you announced next week’s guest, looking forward to that in a big way.

  3. Oh man. After this podcast, I have to add Transformers to my list of taboo topics. That list includes religion and politics.

    Transformers was a heartless film. There is nothing heroic about any character in that film.

    There was one scene were a base jumper fell down while attempting to leave the plane. He cried for help. All the other jumpers ran past him and jumped. WTF?!


    Luther is an awesome show. When you get to the end of season 1, you’ll be shocked at how it ends. I was actually disappointed at season 2. Especially the episodes with the D&D-like inspired killer. I don’y know if you have seen it, but I recommend Sherlock. It’s flipping genius!

    My attempt at summing up Transformers 3 in three sentences

    1. Let’s have explosions, a hot babe, and giant robot fights
    2. ?
    3. Profit

    Oh wait. That’s Michael Bay’s business plan.

  4. The plot to Transformers: Dark of the Moon in three sentences:

    Houston, we have a problem. Dogs and cats living together–mass hysteria! I didn’t know they stacked $#it that high!

    Damn, looking forward to Waid next week.

  5. Transformers: Dark of the Moon in three sentences.

    1. Robots on earth find another robot on the moon.
    2. They think they’ll keep crazy superweapon out of evil robot’s hands.
    3. Things go comically awry.

    Love this show every week. I’m sure next week’s gonna be amazing, congrats on getting Waid for the show.

  6. I’ve been somewhat nonplussed by Fraction’s work in the past, but a Marvel event taking inspiration from Final Crisis sounds really cool. And Luther sounds really interesting; I’m going to check it out soon.

    I also thinks it’s important to state that any good sequel will provide the necessary information from the previous movies; and even popcorn entertainment has to have certain standards. I tried watching Transformers 2 for the Rifftrax and couldn’t get through it after seeing the racist robots and John Tuturro’s Yankees thong.

  7. Transformers 2 was so damned terrible that I swore off Michael Bay movies. All he had to do was make a movie about giant robots having ridiculous over the top fights, and he managed to f–k it up.

  8. I was a Transformers fan as a kid but these movies. Ugh. I tried to watch the first one on three occasions (one in theaters and twice at home) and fell asleep all three times. Didn’t even bother with the two sequels, I’ve come to the realization these films are not for me. A childhood Transformers fan.
    I’m a DC apologist by nature and never like the Marvel big events (House of M and up) but you guys are making Fear Itself sound AWESOME!
    Can’t wait for the Waid interview next week. No edits, let’s go free form and over two hours!

  9. barry allen had to be shocked twice becouse if he had been shocked once and then gets his powers – it would have been a cliche.
    when you make him shock himself twice you show the reader how determinate he is! how much he is willing to japrodize!

  10. The funny thing is, I remember being just as furious when I was 12 and reviewers were saying that Jurassic Park 2 was terrible while I thought it was a cinematic masterpiece. I wonder how many of the haters were die-hard transformers fans or simply die-hard fans of schlocky action movies. Or just12-year-olds armed with anonymity. Would the review have received the same level of ire if you had given a negative review to “The Island” or if you had given a negative review to IDW’s “Last Stand of the Wreckers” (the fan favorite TF comic that tformers.com referred to as “the Transformers answer to Watchmen”).

    We TransFans have very fragile egos. Before the movies came out, there was a few dark decades when we had years of bad toy lines at a time. (From a toy collecting perspective, the last few years have been a freakin’ golden age!) I spent a lot of time convincing myself that “Transformers: Armada” was 98% crap. We’re also pretty gun shy after Pat Lee cannibalized Dreamwave and cancelled all our Transformers comics at once.

    Also, we have severely lowered our standards since the Armada cartoon, where the emotional crux of the 52 episode series involved a group of children giving Starscream a giant homemade chamois cloth as a reward for acts of bravery.

    Good times. Wait… no… bad times. Very bad times.

  11. To save you the trouble of watching the movie, here is the aforementioned scene involving the practical application of gymkata:


    Oh, JP2. So much wrongness. Even when I was 12 I knew that you shouldn’t keep food in a tent because it attracts bears. It’s not a giant logical leap to know that you shouldn’t keep food in a tent because it attracts tyrannosaurus rex.

  12. @ Matt – I love terrible movies. There’s no depth I won’t sink to…

    @ Dan – …but I’m pressed for time so jumping straight to this clip will be great. Thanks!

  13. Carly Monardo wins the most adorable guest award away from Colleen Coover if only for James Gordon. (in a non-creepy way, of course)

    Matt, you break my heart calling the ’90s cartoon Spider-Man unfunny 🙁 I still honestly laugh at some of the one-liners on that show when I watch the few DVDs they put out. Maybe this was only appealing to me, but I like that he had a nerdier sense of humor (not geeky, but actual nerdy, tripping on science and all that), which is infinitely more suitable to Peter Parker to me.

    I still smile every time I think of his first face-to-face showdown with the Kingpin, where Kingpin declares how long he has waited and prepared for this moment..

    “Really? What’d you have in mind – a pie-eating contest?”

  14. Chris- I really think you are seeing what you want to with Fear Itself.
    Drawing connections that aren’t quite there.
    This emo shackled event is filled to the brim with – “FEAR” fear is everywhere – it’s in your sandwich it’s around the corner under your bed. Enough.
    Your trouble with Flashpoint is that it is clumsy? Maybe but at least it has more than one note.
    Yes being a super hero is scary- but you know what It Always has been.
    And talk about laugh out loud- Tony offering Odin a sacrifice by getting tanked? What?!
    Pretty sure Odin is a little busy to worry about whether tony gets his chip for that week- Maybe now we’ll get another 22 pages of an AA meeting again. That was riveting.
    I am sick of Fraction’s therapy session of his Iron Man writing- enough with his emo vomitorium.

  15. SO – You realize you’re like the frat boy who makes a sexist joke
    but says- I didn’t really mean it that way – it was an anti-point.

    You had fun making these parody characters b/c of the parody And the
    reason that the genre you’re supposedly making fun of is enjoyable in a base human way.

    Congratulations you’re enlightened and animilistic just like everyone else.

  16. Things I learned this week from WRA:

    -Commisioner James Gordon is the best name for a dog & hearing Arnold Diaz saying “Commsioner James Gordon” with added emphasis is hilarious (also that dog is cute as all get out).

    -Sims was sodomized in his formative years explaining why he hates everything. Also he has an uncle Lou who may be a cyborg.

    -Sims is actually 78 years old despite his protests to the contrary. Also strengthens the theory that he hates everything because the elderly are known to lead hateful, joyless lives complaining about young people & their fancy transforming thingamabobs, dagnabbit.

    -There are people who actually get mad about someone’s opinion of the latest Transformers movie.

    -That I miss the questions picked out of Wilson’s tophat. How else are we supposed to find out how people in the comics industry would change Bartertown?

    Great podcast as usual that reveals more about its hosts every week. Can’t wait for somone to post a comment on CA pointing out that Matt’s years working as a transgender prostitute is the real reason why he likes Flashpoint #3.

  17. I’m really surprised that the haters are actually posting on warrocketajax.com. Anyone else? I always figured that that was too much work. I stand corrected.

  18. @ziah You underestimate how many people came out the womb clutching red lantern rings.

  19. As a transformers fan since I was tiny (not raped btw) i’m a year older than Chris. I feel to need to apologize on behalf of all Transformers fans, and distance ourselves from that guy. 🙂

  20. Man, I would listen to 5 straight episodes of you guys just going through and taking apart all of these Transformers 3 apologists. Heaven forbid that a movie franchise that can’t even get basic arithmetic right should be scrutinized.

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