Volume 2, Episode 9 – The Dead Don’t Need Music f/Greg Rucka

In celebration of his brand new Punisher #1, Greg Rucka — writer of Detective Comics, Whiteout, Queen and Country, Stumptown, Gotham Central, Wolverine and a ton more — stopped by to talk to us about it his new webcomic and, of course, Batman. We get deep into the nature of those characters and heroism. Plus, why Wonder Woman’s DC’s best character and Superman’s so difficult to write. Plus, Chris and Matt answer a listener question about their old Carolina hometowns!

The Rundown

Comics Talked About:

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3 thoughts on “Volume 2, Episode 9 – The Dead Don’t Need Music f/Greg Rucka”

  1. Man-o-man…I went from being of the “maybe I’ll check out this new Punisher” mindset to bein super-pumped to pick it up on Wednesday when I hit the comic book shop to get the new Frankenstein.

    I’ll also be picking up Superman 714. Thanks WRA!

  2. Regarding Shadow Complex: Matt, are you using the right stick to aim at enemies in the background? I don’t recall having any problems with those types of enemies but I do remember that you need to use the right stick to be able to hit them.

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