Volume 2, Episode 8 – Patting Critical Mass f/David Brothers and Andy Khouri

It’s the first Monday of the month, which means it’s time for another War Rocket Ajax/Comics Alliance roundtable! This month, we welcome Comics Alliance’s own David Brothers and Andy Khouri to the show to talk about the madness that was San Diego Comic-Con International! Among the topics we cover are the huge reaction to DC’s response to a fan dressed as Batgirl, how tough it is to get into panels, everyone’s best and worst moments, post-Comic-Con doldrums, the lack of a big movie presence this year, and a ton more!

The Rundown

Comics Talked About:

  • Detective Comics #880
  • Best of Archie collection
  • Captain America and Bucky #620

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8 thoughts on “Volume 2, Episode 8 – Patting Critical Mass f/David Brothers and Andy Khouri”

  1. Yeah! The round table episodes are always enjoyable. I’m looking forward to more in the future. I was thinking Sims looks like a skeezy Simpsons character in that My Little Pony picture.

  2. That picture would totally be a perfect summary of Sims if Pinkie Pie had a Batman logo on her flank.

  3. Chris, that was totally the In-N-Out at Mission Valley, which I know quite well.

    In-N-Out is keen, but whenever I’m in San Diego, I have to buy a California burrito (carne asada and French fries) w/ guacamole to remind me of college.

  4. Zeek’s comment reminded me of something. Has Chris ever commissioned a Batman My Little Pony? Great show as usual, and super nice meeting Chris at SDCC. Hopefully I’ll meet Matt & Eugene at another convention as well. And, for some reason, class dismissed makes slightly more sense when not spoken by giant transforming robots that HAVE guns but don’t need them.

  5. Just because The Big Bang Theory panders to its core audience somewhat does not mean there is not well written comedy in it. Sims later said commented by saying how much people who read Awesome Hospital enjoyed the Star Trek IV reference but did not comment on the joke at the end of the page. I was somewhat annoyed because the connotation was that people can’t enjoy a reference and a punchline. BBT is not like Family Guy they do not uses references in lieu of jokes. I really enjoy the podcast and just because I disagree with your stance on BBT does not mean I enjoy the show any less. I just have to defend one of the last remaining good multi-camera sitcoms
    Hatefully Yours

  6. Yeah, I remember going to Comic Con 2010 (my first con) and I remember spending like 40 minutes trying to just find Artist Alley and when I got there I was AMAZED at how small the space was. It takes you like half an hour to just decipher their layout.

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