Volume 2, Episode 26 – The 75th Annual Flash Gordon Memorial Awards

Based on your suggestions, Chris and Matt are giving out awards for the best and worst of the year! Comics! Wrestling! Video games! Barbecue we ate! Self-indulgence! It’s all here! And remember: You asked for it!

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The Rundown

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  • What wins the Gordie for our best inadvertent reveal of our political views? U-decide!
  • Be sure to check out La Mano Del Destino, our runner-up for best luchadore in comics!
  • Catch up on all the fun with the Juggalette over at Bucko, too.
  • And watch the newest episode of The Variants, featuring Mark Waid!
  • That Sin Cara shirt: It certainly does look like a dong.
  • Relive the wonder that was Chris’s Transformers 3 haters.

Comics Talked About:

  • Many from throughout the year

Shameless Self Promotion:

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4 thoughts on “Volume 2, Episode 26 – The 75th Annual Flash Gordon Memorial Awards”

  1. Hilarious episode, guys. Strong start to 2012. On the subject of Suicide Squad, I recently had the unfortunate experience of meeting one of the people that have made it a success.

    I was in a theater setting up a sound system for a guest of the place when I saw a guy reading a comic. Since this was a comic event, and I had little else to do, I started chatting with him about comics.

    Me: What are you reading?
    Him: Suicide Squad.
    Me: Oh?
    Him: Yeah, I really like it. I started when DC did their new titles.
    Me: Do you read anything else? I like Animal Man and Batman. Any Marvel?
    Him: Nope. Just Suicide Squad. The characters are really well written.

  2. Great episode, guys. I predict yet another strong year for the War Rocket crew. I can’t wait for Aaron’s run on PunisherMAX to be over. Not just because I’m sure it will be awesome, but to hear your probable praise of it.

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