Volume 2, Episode 27 – My Mom Knows Who Ghost Rider Is f/Ben Jones

We’re back to our regular format this week with Ben Jones, director of some of the best episodes of Batman: The Brave and the Bold, and animator/storyboard artist on lots of stuff including The Iron Giant, Harvey Birdman and Teen Titans! We talk to him about how he got his start in animation, what it means to have a classic animation style, and, of course, that show with that Batman dude in it. Also: We welcome Hundo Club member James Meiers to chat with us and hear yet another wonderful reading from Thrasher magazine!

The Rundown

Comics Talked About:

  • The Activity #2
  • Amazing Spider-Man #677
  • OMAC #5/Frankenstein #5

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5 thoughts on “Volume 2, Episode 27 – My Mom Knows Who Ghost Rider Is f/Ben Jones”

  1. Hairy Lasanga, the Bronus Round, and both episodes with the swimsuit specials are all great. You might not want the first, considering that it’s another Haley/Franklin episode, but it’s just as good.

    Re: Alan Wake, it’s really pretty, but it’s kinda like Stephen King wrote self-insert fanfiction for his own books and set it in a tepid version of Twin Peaks. Since you like Peaks and Silent Hill as much as you do, Matt, you should try Deadly Premonition; it’s really weird, but very satisfying.

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