Episode 157 – Hashtag Hireable f/Caleb Goellner

Former ComicsAlliance editor and current writer of the new comic Task Force Rad Squad Caleb Goellner joins us for this week’s show! We talk to him about how TFRS evolved from a Power Rangers parody into something a little deeper, drugs, pay-what-you-want comics, and, oh yeah, this website that got shut down last week. Plus, another edition of the War Rocket Ajax Love Haters!

The Rundown

Comics Talked About:

  • Adventures of Superman #1
  • Indestructible Hulk #7
  • Copra Compendium #1

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11 thoughts on “Episode 157 – Hashtag Hireable f/Caleb Goellner”

  1. Serious question:

    Have you all considered expanding the WRA site as a blog for “independent” material or even as a sort of clearinghouse for material from former CA contributors like Sims and David Brothers and Bethany Fong?

    If not WRA, maybe something else? It’d be a shame to see such great talented scattered to the four corners of the web.

  2. I’m not a huge Whedon fan (Dollhouse is creepy as hell), but I love the Firefly theme song. I probably have a much higher tolerance for cheesy country music ballads than most 21st century geeks.

  3. I just went to Bergen Street Comics’ site to order the COPRA trade, and it cracks me up that the entire site is basically a button you can click to buy that book. You go to the homepage, and there it is. You can also click on a “products” link, which takes you to the exact same page except now it says “products” at the top. It is beautiful in its simplicity.

    (I totally ordered the book, of course)

  4. Guys,

    I’m sorry to hear about the demise of Comics Alliance and the loss of your jobs. Comics Alliance was the first comics new page I followed and the metric I use to judge other comic news sites. Both of your work on that site was fantastic.

    I hope you guys find fulfilling work soon.

  5. I went to a Firefly fan panel at a small local SF convention a couple of years ago. There was one guy on the panel who said that the Firefly would actually bring him to tears. He then got out his phone and started playing the song for the room. All credit to him, he did actually seem to be choking back tears.

    When I went in, I had an idea of asking the panel about some of the problems I had with Serenity, but I decided against it. It was the wrong crowd for that, and I wanted to leave the room alive.

  6. I was very sad to hear about Comics Alliance’s sudden demise. It was a favorite in this house and my daily news site for comics news. I love the idea of offering a reward of “promote what you want” for an episode (instead of the Hundo Club). I cast a vote for that!

  7. I just realized what I would pay money for:
    A podcast review of Flash Gordon, with Chris, Matt, and the “Let’s Just Be Friends Guys.”

    I would pay American dollars for that.

  8. I’m honored that Chris Sims basically called me a cultist, though I agree that other Joss Whedon fans are really irritating, which is like 90% of why I’ve really cooled on his stuff for the last few years.

    I would really dig it if you guys started doing Rifftrax style commentaries on movies, you know, basically WRA but focused on a specific movie. I’d pay money for that.

  9. Is there anywhere that I can find out more information about the story behind the guy who made Nintendo Comics System? Caleb’s short anecdote was super-compelling but I couldn’t seem to find anything when I started poking around the web for details.

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