Episode 159 – Show You Who’s Boss f/Mark Waid

Writer of just about everything Mark Waid comes by to chat with us this week! We talk about the cancellation of The Legion of Super Heroes, working with Walt Simonson, the pluses and minuses of renumbering books, that amazing fight between Daredevil and Ikari, the best non-Waid Flash story, and much more! Plus, new projects are discussed and a very brief installment of the War Rocket Ajax Love Haters!

The Rundown

Comics Talked About:

  • Regular Show #1
  • FF #7
  • Wolverine and the X-Men #29

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3 thoughts on “Episode 159 – Show You Who’s Boss f/Mark Waid”

  1. Any plans for guests on Movie Fighters? I’m guessing the WWE star movies are an inevitability, and while I normally wouldn’t care to hear even humorous reviews about those, I’d probably still download a fun time of you guys trashing them together with Joe Keatinge, Jarret Williams, Mike Quackenbush and Leonard Chikarason.

  2. My vote is to stick with comics-related movies; or better yet, WRA-related movies (comics, hip-hop, wrestling, BBQ, etc).

  3. Is there a movie about BBQ?

    Or, let me put this another way…

    Please let there be a movie about BBQ.

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