Episode 159.5 – The Chris Sims/Mark Waid Batman Trivia Challenge

For this bonus episode, Mark Waid told Chris he wanted to ask him a trivia question. What followed was a challenge for the ages.

Music used: Monroeville Music, “B001”

2 thoughts on “Episode 159.5 – The Chris Sims/Mark Waid Batman Trivia Challenge”

  1. “What actor played False Face?” was the only question I knew the answer to! I tip my hat to all 3 of you for an enjoyable show. We as fans accumulate all this useless (but undisputably awesome) knowledge that doesn’t come in handy in the real world nearly as much as it should. A Batman trivia challenge segment should be mandatory for each show. Great job.

  2. 3 minutes, 42 seconds in. Godammit Waid, The Riddler was the one of four rogues NOT to get into the Bat-cave. Catwoman was in the cave in the episodes “That Darn Catwoman” and “Scat! Darn Catwoman” in the second season.

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