Episode 195 – Nintendo Knows f/ Aaron Diaz

zelda_clockwork_headerThe writer and artist behind Dresden Codak, Aaron Diaz, joins us this week! We talk about what goes into designing and redesigning characters, people believing that his Zelda art was for an actual game, men’s rights activists, falling in love with Daniel Bryan, Power Girl, martial arts, and much more! Plus, a JMS-fueled set of entries in Every Story Ever!

The Rundown

Comics Talked About:

  • Rat Queens #1-4
  • Fantastic Four #1
  • Lois Lane One-shot

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One thought on “Episode 195 – Nintendo Knows f/ Aaron Diaz”

  1. Matt’s passion during the ‘Every Story Ever’ segement rings true for me. The very first book I collected was Amazing Spider-Man. I hung in there for the Clone Saga, and can probably make an arguement that it’s better than you’ve been lead to believe and other not so great Spidey stories. I one day dreamed of owning a complete run of Amazing Spider-Man. Then the “Sins Past” storylin happened. And that is a gap in my collection that will never be filled.

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