Episode 226 – Goblins and Haints f/ Jon Morris


The editor of the Boo! horror comics anthology, Jon Morris, joins us for this week’s episode! We talk to him about the long history of Boo!, just what kinds of Halloweeny stuff he really likes, post-mortem body plans, his new book about regrettable superheroes, and much more! Plus, another Every Spooky Ever list!

The Rundown

Comics Talked About:

  • Justice League #35
  • Superior Foes of Spider-Man #16
  • Miles Morales, Ultimate Spider Man #6

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2 thoughts on “Episode 226 – Goblins and Haints f/ Jon Morris”

  1. Oh man it’s so refreshing to hear people that agree with my exact sentiments on the Walking Dead. I think the first arc was easily my favorite, and I enjoyed it for a while but it just to be nothing but a sad slog of a read. And I spoiled something huge and unnecessarily tragic for myself and never picked it up again.

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