Episode 227 – Giant Jaded Babies (2014 Halloween Special) f/ Benito Cereno


It’s our annual Halloween special, and our old pal Benito Cereno is back to talk about his story in this year’s Boo! anthology, his childhood werewolf character, costumes of his youth, candy, and of course, his spooky movie recommendations! Plus, one more Every Spooky Ever list!

The Rundown

Comics Talked About:

  • Multiversity: The Just #1
  • Catwoman #35
  • Memetic #1

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5 thoughts on “Episode 227 – Giant Jaded Babies (2014 Halloween Special) f/ Benito Cereno”

  1. After this episode I just want to see more instances of Dracula swapped out for Godzilla. Bram Stroker’s Godzilla. Taste the Blood of Godzilla. Scream Godzilla Scream (or would that be Bladzilla?)

  2. I agree that Multiversity 3 was not my favorite. It didn’t read like a story, it was a cool world with cool ideas but it just felt really off. Disappointing.

    As someone who really likes Geoff Johns’ Green Lantern, I enjoyed Blackest Night . It is a mess. And it really falls apart at the end. But the build up to it, and the first few issues, I thought were really good. I think it’s also a victim of event hijacking. Where it had too many spin offs and tangentially related titles that were pretty terrible (Teen Titans). But I do like it.

  3. I feel so terribly mislead and cheated. This episode convinced me to me to go ahead and watch The Den. Complete garbage.

    The Sacrament was alright though.

  4. RIP Matt Wilson
    He will be missed

    I’m actually surprised no one submitted that issue of Tarot on an Every Spooky Ever list, or at least if they did you didn’t read it. I imagine that one would rank towards the bottom of the list

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