Episode 234 – 40 Stories of Commentary f/ Matt Fraction


This Christmas, we all got together and recorded a commentary track for Die Hard. Best to you and yours.

The Rundown

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  • The sound quality gets a little shaky near the end of the commentary track. That’s Skype being Skype. Hopefully it doesn’t ruin the fun.

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5 thoughts on “Episode 234 – 40 Stories of Commentary f/ Matt Fraction”

  1. That was amazing. It’s been a long time since I watched Die Hard, and you all’s commentary was a hoot to listen to. I don’t know I’ve mentioned it before, but your podcast is a large part of what got me back into comics. I look forward to the shows and guest you have in store for next year!

  2. Hey guys, wife and I just got through watching Die Hard with your commentary and we both found it really fun. Wasn’t sure how the “listen to a podcast synched up to a movie” experience would fly but it was great. The Will Arnett impression had me laughing so much.

    Anyway just to clarify one tiny detail, Quebecois terrorists were in fact a thing back throughout the 60s. Mostly mailbox bombings, and they kidnapped and killed a government bureaucrat in 1970! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/October_Crisis

    1. I was surprised Matt (either of them I guess, but mostly Fraction) didn’t know about Quebecois terrorists; I assumed at least one of them had read Infinite Jest.

  3. If you had titled this episode “Snape-ing So Hard” it would’ve been a nice pull quote by Chris as the perfect combination of an Alan Rickman reference and the use of “Hard”

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