Episode 235 – I Don’t Think So, Chris

We’re here with a special New Year’s episode for you! Start playing the show at 11:15 on December 31, and we’ll count down to midnight with you!

The Rundown

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5 thoughts on “Episode 235 – I Don’t Think So, Chris”

  1. The guys who do The Columbo Podcast are Scots, not English.

    I’m really not trying to “um, actually” you. It’s just that the distinction is a big deal to some people, and I’m concerned about your safety.

  2. I vote “nay” for “I don’t think so, Chris and Matt”.

    I vote “aye” for the song-by-song bro-based podcast of Op-Ivy Energy though. Or maybe a podcast-by-podcast live improvised scripting of Caddy Shaq.

  3. I would dearly love it if “I Don’t Think So, Chris and Matt” were to become a reality. I’d listen eagerly every week!

  4. I don’t think “I don’t think so, Matt & Chris” is a good idea. Poking fun at something you like or are neutral towards is one thing, but teasing something you actively dislike just comes off as hateful. And I don’t think that would be too enjoyable for the listeners.

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