Episode 306 – Fancy Standards f/ Ryan North


Ryan North, author of the new choose-your-own-path book Romeo and/or Juliet and writer of Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, Adventure Time and much more, drops by to chat with us this week. We talk about his upcoming run on Jughead with artist Derek Charm, fanciness, the Enforcers, Shakespeare, whether scholars like his books, what he learned from being stuck in a hole, and lots more! Plus, a very lengthy discussion of DC Universe Rebirth.

The Rundown:

  • Follow Ryan on Twitter!
  • Be sure to check out Ryan’s previous choose-your-own-path book, To Be or Not To Be!
  • Educate yourself about The Enforcers.
  • Chris’ check and rec: Mystery boxes (email chris at the-isb.com if you’re interested!), Carly Rae Jepsen’s E-mo-tion
  • Matt’s check and rec: Half-book!, Keanu
  • Music used: Raze, “Juliet”

Comics Reviewed:

  • Justice League #50
  • DC Universe Rebirth #1

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3 thoughts on “Episode 306 – Fancy Standards f/ Ryan North”

  1. I totally had that time travel book, the main goal of which was to find archaeopteryx! That said, I completely forgot about that weird meta ending until Ryan brought it up on the podcast. What a blast from the past, pun initially unintended.

  2. So, anyone else hoping Riverdale High’s next school play is by Shakespeare? ‘Much Ado About Jughead’, anyone? Although good disguise comedy with Betty and Veronica cross dressing, would be fun, too. Anyone else wonder how often religious figures in Shakespeare suggest the answer to a young womans’ problems lies in pretending she’s dead for a bit and then coming back? Are we meant to wonder where they got that idea?

  3. I’m glad someone else remembers those hard plastic packs of 4 comics. We used to pick them up at Toys ‘R’ Us, they were my introduction to comics and comic collecting.

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