Episode 321 – Losers, Outcasts and Freaks f/ Nathan Fairbairn


Colorist and writer Nathan Fairbairn drops by this week to talk about his new Image Comics series Lake of Fire, working with Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely, learning how to color comics, how lettering helps with writing, characters who don’t know anything, the color of success, and so much more! Then, Chris and Matt add a new set of characters to the Panel President list!

The Rundown:

Comics Reviewed:

  • Supergirl #1
  • Jughead #9
  • Cyborg: Rebirth #1

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One thought on “Episode 321 – Losers, Outcasts and Freaks f/ Nathan Fairbairn”

  1. Abnett and Culbard had a comic in 2014 called ‘Dark Ages’ set in medieval France where a bunch of mercenaries fight aliens in a monastery. Weirdly at around the same time they were producing the first series of ‘Wild’s End’, their anthropomorphic animals/ War of the Worlds mash-up. This came out at the same time Stan Sakai was doing ‘Senso’. ‘Senso’ is more resonant as aliens with advanced technology causing a lasting change is literally Japanese history. Still, odd that Abnett and Culbard are so tuned to the zeitgeist.

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