Episode 325 – Adam Warlock’s Heel Turn (Panel President Special)


We’re once again taking the full interview segment to elect or impeach the best and worst comics characters! Among them: Adam Warlock, Jesse Custer, Kamala Khan, Booster Gold, and there are lots more to boot!

The Rundown:

Comics Reviewed:

  • Deadman: Secret Mansion of Forbidden Love #1
  • Jessica Jones #1
  • Flintstones #4

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One thought on “Episode 325 – Adam Warlock’s Heel Turn (Panel President Special)”

  1. Booster Gold is a great name! “Booster” because he is always trying to pump himself up. “Gold” because he’s in it for the money and prestige. Put it together and it sounds both self-important and dumb because he’s a second-stringer and everyone knows it except him (and deep down, he knows it too). It’s a name that tells you everything you need to know about the guy right off the bat!

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