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Episode 45 – Nexus … Or Against Us f/ Jarrett Williams

Creator of the awesome pro-wrestling graphic novel series Super Pro KO, Jarrett Williams, stops by to talk about…well, wrestling. A lot of wrestling. Chris and Euge also recap their NYCC experiences. Lives are changed.

The Rundown

  • Thanks to EVERYONE WHO CAME AND SAW CHRIS AND EUGE AT NYCC! Too many to thank individually, but you guys made our NYCC experience awesome!
  • Thanks again to Jarrett Williams, who quite frankly, will have to come back on the show to talk about video games, comics, and hip hop…since we talked so much about wrestling this time around. Check out his website, and go get Super Pro KO! And check out Jarrett on twitter.
  • Check out the ComicsAlliance panel, in all its wonderful glory. Make sure you check out all of CA’s NYCC coverage too!
  • Check out Awesomed by Comics Episode 111, for a full NYCC recap from the pov of Evie and Aaron.
  • Here’s the Val Venis scene we were talking about.
  • Music used: Edan “Fumbling Over Words I Rhyme”; Rick Derringer “I Am A Real American”

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