Episode 61 – WRA Armory

This week we reveal our full arsenal as we talk with our pals Evie and Aaron of Awesomed by Comics! In addition to the Punisher and his guns, we talk about how Evie and Aaron met, their wedding, Pokemon (big surprise there), Jim Davis, and much more! Plus, Evie and Aaron sit in with us for our checks, recs and comics discussion!

The Rundown

Comics Talked About:

  • Batman Inc. #4
  • Ultimate Spider-Man #156
  • FF #1

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11 thoughts on “Episode 61 – WRA Armory”

  1. oh snap! The crossover event of the century! ABC and WRA forever son! I can’t believe the world survived after this. This is like a comic event except no one died, no one came back to life, and no one got retconned.

  2. I haven’t heard it all the way through yet, but Eve just earned my complete devotion on account of her recommendation of the Mountain Goats’ The All Eternals Deck. Yeeeeeeeees.

  3. “Christ, what an asshole”? I’ve always heard it as “Can I get a discount on this handjob? I only need the last ten minutes.”

  4. I don’t know if this is what you intended…but, like “Bag of Salt”, this felt like one of the classic “bronus” round episodes, which even compared to all the awesome guests you’ve had are always the most fun ones to listen to. 🙂

  5. Eve I will answer your Batman Incorporated question.

    At the start of the book on the first page of the comic, Batwoman says that she is chasing Johnny Valentine because he killed 3 marines.

    I find that people I know do this with Morrison that they expect the crazy read so they gloss over the little details.

  6. Great episode, guys. Been hoping that Evie and Aaron of Awesomed by Comics would return to WRA after that hilarious Castlevania trivia battle.

    And SIMS! Thanks for attempting to pronounce my name — I always appreciate the effort. Too many people are just like, “I’m not even gonna try.” Mildly insulting, I always thought.

    (for the record, it’s jello-suh-vitch. jellosuhvitch.)

  7. This is probably long after anyone cares, but I’m pretty sure this is the cat comic strip Evie was trying to think of-


    I only remember because I’m the one who sent the link. Also, I was kind of bummed that no one laughed when Evie was talking about how much the elbow to the boob hurt and Chris asked “Who elbowed you? Dusty Rhodes?” That was too funny to not get a laugh.

  8. Yeah, Evie and Aaron come off as kind of dumb when they talk about Batman Incorporated, especially when they gloss over the fact that it’s explained in the comic who Batwoman is chasing. Admittedly the issue gets kind of confusing later on, it ain’t that hard to figure out what’s happening.

    Still, a fantastic episode.

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