Volume 2, Episode 6 – You Can’t Go Back to 1967 f/Mark Waid

Name a pivotal comics character, and there’s a good chance Mark Waid has written one of that character’s defining runs. We were lucky enough to chat with him this week about lots of the stuff he’s worked on: Fantastic Four, The Flash, Impulse, Ruse, Empire, Legion of Superheroes, Kingdom Come, Spider-Man, his upcoming Daredevil run and more, and we barely get to scratch the surface. Plus, Mark and Chris get embroiled in an intense debate over Superboy! On top of all that, we answer some of your listener mail!

The Rundown


Comics Talked About:

  • X-Men: Schism #1
  • Uncle Scrooge
  • The Red Wing #1

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12 thoughts on “Volume 2, Episode 6 – You Can’t Go Back to 1967 f/Mark Waid”

  1. Yay! I’m glad my question prompted such a good discussion. I’ve been thinking about a live action Punch-Out!! film since I first played it about 20 years ago. I’ve never settled on a cast but I always had Reginald VelJohnson in mind for Doc. (As a kid I cast myself as Little Mac.)

    Elijah Wood is perfect for Little Mac. I also love the idea of having the pallette-swap characters being portrayed by the same actors.

    A must for the movie: a training montage with Mac decked out in his pink jogging suit.

    Thanks for the link to the ISS article. I’m about to chiggety check it out.

  2. By the way, “Class Dismissed” is a great sign off. It’s kind of like the “Enjoy your burrito” line at the end of every Nerdist podcast

  3. I also totally thought “Butterbean” for King Hippo. In fact, I totally thought of King Hippo the first time I saw Butterbean.

    (William H. Macy as Glass Joe.)

  4. Not to get on anyone at all, but I sincerely love the fact that the only comments so far on an awesome Mark Waid podcast are about the Punch Out question. Because I totally understand that.

    Elijah Wood is awesome, and hey, we’ve seen his darker side in Sin City. He can definitely pull out the badarse when he needs to in the third act.

    King Hippo probably has a Wikipedia page because he was in Captain N The Game Master, and so was known for more than Punch Out.

    …but seriously, the Mark Waid interview was indeed fantastic 🙂 everything I hoped it would be, and I was glad that he even got to talk about the often debated Kingdom Come (which I personally remain a huge fan of, and consider my favorite “dark future” representation of popular existing superheroes).

  5. I’d feel bad for making the comment section Punch-Out-centric but I think it goes without saying that the Mark Waid interview was awesome. He’s somebody that I never knew I was a fan of because I didn’t realize how many of his comics I’ve read until hearing his list of credits at the beginning of the interview!

    That being said…anybody have any suggestions for Great Tiger?

  6. Man, I feel bad about my Twitter question now. I mean, it’s good that Mark Waid got to do all of the crossovers he wanted during his Fantastic Four run, but I wasted everyone’s time by asking a bad question! Then again, the Captain America/Superman crossover is a great idea.

    I have no good suggestions for who should be in a Punchout!! movie, but they briefly mentioned that King Hippo wasn’t in the SNES Super Punchout game, which I think is a lot of fun. Should any of those characters be brought in as well as the NES/Wii characters, other than the fat Canadian one? Or would it work better to stick with the originals?

  7. Chris – You live in SC. Please don’t drink Starbucks if you can buy Community brand. Best. Coffee. Ever. I live in UT and can’t get it here. Buy it in bulk every time I travel to the south.

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