Volume 2, Episode 7 – That Money is Yours f/Adam Warrock

Chris was away at Comic-Con International last week, but we made up for it by welcoming Adam Warrock, a.k.a. Eugene Ahn, back to War Rocket Ajax for a triumphant return! Euge talks about his recent adventures as a performer at Nerdapalooza, his upcoming Firefly mixtape, the effects of Nos energy drink on the body, the new Amazing Spider-Man trailer and music, music, music. Plus, Chris calls in for a report direct from San Diego!

The Rundown

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8 thoughts on “Volume 2, Episode 7 – That Money is Yours f/Adam Warrock”

  1. I just finished Euge’s run as co-host in my quest(?) to hear all of the episodes I missed before I started listening regularly. This morning I listened to episode 48 which was Matt’s debut (as a host). It was good to have Euge back but I’m a little* disappointed that the reggaeton airhorn didn’t return.

    *by “a little” I mean “a lot”

  2. It was good to have Euge back. I hope the tour comes by Boston, Mass.I was so disappointed that I missed the concert in New York. 🙁

  3. Mash-up proposal:

    Big Black Stars

    Album title: “Mos Def & Talib Kweli are Fucking on Fire”

    Brings together Big Black, Black Star, and Stars. (Bonus: maybe a little Big Star in there too.)

  4. Matt, I wish you had asked Euge why he disliked Batman Begins. Not that I feel he has to like it the exact same amount that I do, I’m just curious as to why he doesn’t like it.

  5. Was the pirate rap outfit Cap’n Dan and his Scurvy Crew by any chance?

    Also Eagle is totally awesome and even if Euge doesn’t want to read it after having it foisted upon him somebody should.

  6. Great to hear you again Euge!

    Does Euge or anyone else in the WRA crew have plans to go to NYCC?

  7. I would totally listen to a “Matt and Euge: All Music All the Time” Podcast. I really hope we get more Euge in the future provided he isn’t to busy with his rap career.

    A three man, duo-cohost episode would be pretty boss.

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